About Us

MAKIM has been working on the design, development and manufacturing of electro mechanical equipments since 1982. With its advanced manufacturing systems and infrastructure MAKIM is at service for 35 years in 62 countries, has all the capabilities and abilities to start from R&D stage of any product in its portfolio to design, from design to manufacturing, from manufacturing to marketing and sales, and finally maintenance service during and after warranty period.

MAKIM’s current infrastructure includes a wide range of manufacturing methods such as machining, sheet metal working, electronics, assembly and investment casting.

Investment Casting is a production method developed as an alternative for machining in manufacturing items that are of detailed and complex geometries and really difficult or impossible to produce with conventional methods.

MAKIM Turnstiles have various references in differing sectors from government and public to private including airports, bus stations, factories, offices, subways, ferries, trams, military organizations, police department, universities, shopping centers and the like.

MAKIM Turnstiles improve its product portfolio day by day to respond to changing needs and wants of its domestic and international customers. MAKIM puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction, feasible manufacturing costs and selling prices by also caring the environment. All these processes have been monitored by ISO9001 TÜV AUSTRIA Quality Management Systems.