T 1350 Semi Fullheight Turnstile

Application: T 1350 can be installed in the entrance of construction sites, factories, stadiums, ministries, prisons and any locations where security is a high priority.

Basic Materials: T 1350 can be AISI 304 & 316 stainless steel .The inner main mechanism of T 1350 is produced with special investment casting technology , which makes the whole system a lot more robust and lasting. The electronic boards are designed by the qualified engineers of Makim, enabling T 1350 work in various modes and entegrations.

General Use: T 1350 is manufactured in single version . The passage way of T 1350 is 120° positioned arms, as three armed. T 1350 electromechanic turnstile operates bi-directionally and has a self-centering mechanism, returning to its original position in any case. All kind of access control system like card reader, biometric reader, remote control unit or push button can be entegrated to T 1350 via simple dry-contact.Once the access right is granted, user should touch slightly to T 1350 arm in order to make it rotate. After the arms complete one turn, T 1350 is automatically locked. If the user does not use the passage right in 15 seconds, T 1350 will give buzzer warning and it will be locked. Status indicator LED lights are located on both sides of T 1350, in green arrow and red cross shape to show allowed passage directions.

Safety: In case of power cut, T 1350 is unlocked to allow free rotation of the arms in both sides enabling easy evaqucation of the area and preventing getting stuck inside the gate.

Control /Operation Voltage : 24VDC  +-%20
Power Consumption : 30W
Tripod Locking : With 24 V DC selenoids; locks when the selenoids are pulled.
Tripod Position Dedection : Direction of the tripod position with two microswitches.
Motion Control : When the cycle starts to one direction, the reverse is blocked and after a half turn the rest of the cycle is completed, automatically and smoothly by a hydraulic shock absorber.
Installation : Simple & easy installation
Operation Temperature : – 20° C – + 70° C
Indicators : LED on both sides
Dimensions : 1520 x 1300 x 1313 mm
Weight : 280 Kg
Optional Accesories : Remote control, button unit,card reader,biometric reader.